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According to state-run Chinese news outlet Xinhua, the Chinese military — citing remarks made by a high-ranking military official during a rare trip to Damascus — is seeking closer ties with war-torn Syria, offering to supply humanitarian aid and even train Syrian military personnel.

After the First World War and its nearly 40 million casualties, beliefs among anti-war activists strengthened that the armaments race had caused the worst war in history, and that arms reductions remained the best guarantor of peace.

The League of Nations tried to achieve this goal from 1926 to 1935, but it ultimately failed.

Historians today do not explain the outbreak of war in 1914 as simply the result of international tensions caused by the arms race.

The methods applied are empirical, comparative, and based on the synthesis of other historians’ work. Britain and Turkey’s entry into war rapidly spread the fighting to other parts of the world.

Pledging to erase the "false lines that have divided Europe for too long," President George W.

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