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“What happened was the honest reaction and we thought it was important to explore.” Robby’s effeminacy is apparent from the moment he enters, nodding his approval at the topiaries lining the luxury home he and 12 other men shared while chasing Prince Charming (an interior designer named Robert Sepulveda Jr.). “I’ve never met anyone like Robby before, except for maybe in the theater,” Sam says in a confessional segment.

He seems mortified by Robby’s behavior, and incredulous that no one else openly shares his discomfort.

After Sepulveda is revealed as the prince and leaves the party, the housemates stay behind and drink.

Sam confronts Robby in front of everyone, asking him, “Are you always over the top like this? ” Robby squirms, running his fingers through his hair, and attributes the attack to Sam being a typical conservative Virgo. He explodes by telling Robby metaphorically, “Fix your dress!

“Let's all just enjoy life & have no regrets.” Haynes is right.

A quick Google search unearths a number of supposed personal and professional photos from Haynes's younger years with an alleged ex-boyfriend, including an intimate photospread for – a gay/bi youth magazine which enjoyed a respectable-size readership during its heyday, before ending its run nearly a decade ago.

There’s no official return date available yet for the MTV supernatural drama series.

The photos surfaced as Haynes’s star began to rise with the popularity of but as quickly as gay blogs started reporting about the images they also posted about the threats of legal action they received from Haynes’s attorney if the images were not removed from their sites.

Haynes’s recent response on Tumblr is the first time he’s (somewhat) addressed questions surrounding his sexuality since those photos kicked off years of speculation — but it is far from a “coming out.” Instead, the actor’s coy comment firmly places him among those who reside in Hollywood’s expanding glass closet, a contraption that is weakening the ground we’ve gained in social acceptance and inadvertently sending harmful messages to LGBT youth.

featured gay supervillain Pied Piper in its first season.

However, while messages of tolerance, acceptance, and inclusion would seem to be on the rise, an alarming number of young actors continue to dodge, deny, and perform impressive displays of verbal vogueing to avoid addressing the possibility they may be anything other than heterosexual — even in the face of apparent photographic evidence.

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