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When faced with a complicated equation that persistently refuses to work out, merely multiply whatever answer you do have by the Safstrom-Phillips Non-Constant--which is just a good name for the day's expected top temperature. I'll just mulitply it by the Safstrom-Phillips Non-Constant and use whatever I get. Also refers to Photoshop era that we live in, the sampledelic era. Example: Some thought that Grant was a real jerk,but those of us who knew him best realized his caustic remarkswere nothing more than his attempts at sarcomedy. Occurs on a Saturday night when you and your two cronies just add to the non-existing girl-guy party ratio. Read Dashiell Hammett or Raymond Chandler to see fin, sawbuck, and double sawbuck in action.] Example: The cost to get into the club has gone up to a sawbuck now. Example: Have you ever played Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon and watched _Wizard of Oz_ at the same time? The other day, my roommate flipped out 'cause I left a piece of toast on the table ... To advertise a job opening as one thing or to have one set of requirements--only for the applicant to find out the job is nowhere like what was described on the internet or in the newspaper. Created via use of sampling or a sampler (audio: MPC 2000). Sarcasm without the viscious intent, played purely for laughs. Simultaneously, there was a sching *sparkle sparkle* emanating from her blinding white teeth.The 9 4100 Lite has a number of key improvements over the original including a fresh design and a nice rubberised handle.The most innovative feature is the quick release mounting system which includes a cage that stays permanently attached to the camera for rapid mounting and unmounting.Freemasons have over six-million members worldwide, and despite being in its fifth-century the group remains shrouded in mystery.

The ROXORs don’t have the same level of image control that the OSMO has, but they are significantly cheaper.In addition to video monitoring, the smartphone app enables full gimbal and camera control.Your smartphone can be mounted directly to the handle using an included detachable smartphone holder.His membership in the order and time spent as Grand Master of Pennsylvania didn't interfere with his role as hero of the Revolutionary War, Founding Father, and inventor. Austrian composer and son of a Freemason, Mozart created a number of masonic musical numbers during his prolific career.Initiated: 1730 The first President of the United States of America had a strong relationship with the Masons. He was a part of the Zur Wohltätigkeit (Charity) Lodge, Austria. South American liberator and political leader Bolivar is one of the great heroes of the struggle for independence from the Spanish Empire. Louis, and became a Master Mason within a few months of joining.

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