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Definition and Background The Futures Without Violence Association (FWV) defines intimate partner violence (IPV) as “A pattern of assaultive and coercive behaviors that may include inflicted physical injury, psychological abuse, sexual assault, progressive social isolation, stalking, deprivation, intimidation and threats. The National Intimate Partner and Sexual Violence Survey (NISVS): 2010 Summary Report. Interventions to prevent intimate partner violence.

These behaviors are perpetuated by someone who is, was, or wishes to be involved in an intimate or dating relationship with an adult or adolescent, and one aimed at establishing control by one partner over the other.” Substance abuse has been found to co-occur in 40-60% of IPV incidents across various studies. Atlanta, GA: National Center for Injury Prevention and Control, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

– A new emergency department study from the University of Michigan Injury Center looks deeper at risk and protective factors among teenagers who report dating violence and alcohol use.

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“We all have encountered young adults with alcohol and mental health problems, and it’s important to find out if dating violence might be contributing to these health issues.” The results appear in the journal and are consistent with other studies associating alcohol use with dating violence. Funding: Funding for the study came from National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (grant AA018122), the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (grant 5R49CE002099), and the U-M Injury Center.

In the study, men were more often associated with non-dating violence, while women were linked more closely with dating violence.

“Our findings indicate that interventions that address violence among youth should address substance use and psychological factors, as well as be tailored by type of violence — dating versus non-dating — and by gender,” Epstein-Ngo said.

It is unclear if the mental health problems analyzed were a result of or trigger for dating violence.

Findings from the study suggest the emergency department is an important location in identifying if youth have dating violence.

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