Secular view on dating and mating

According to Scorsone, Giorgia, ‘Mating, attractiveness and promiscuity’ M. dissertation, the secular world view of dating is choosing who their friends like or choosing a mate because of outward appearance or even for materialistic possessions.Highlighting the differences with Biblical views we can see how the secular world appears to have no standards when regarding the dating process of making a commitment.Dating in the secular world has become a sport to many.Some males use dating as a game to see how many women they can bed.Therefore, dating and mating has been taken out of context ever since that time.In the world today, dating is characterized as fun and exciting and is done for companionship instead of being treated as a serious activity for the purpose of finding a life-long mate.

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The desire to not compromise the morals and standards is where we see the contrast of courting and secular dating.More and more people, each generation seek dating, rather than seek long term relationships, because of lack of commitment, fear of taking a risk, and pressure to fit in with society (They also think it is alright to have sex before marriage, because they say it feels right at the moment.Thomas Ludwig states that men and woman choosing a mate do so with three factors in mind.These factors are common in most all cultures (Ludwig, 2010).

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