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Tate’s parent’s convinced those to enter a drama program at the Inner City Cultural Center.

Tate’s sibling began to get small roles after being cast on the sitcom The Cosby Showcareer by his performance on 21 Jump Street and The Wonder Year.

Following appearances in such television series as 21 Jump Street and The Wonder Years, Tate was cast in the television movie The Women of Brewster Place before receiving the recurring role of Steve Urkel's nemesis, Willie Fuffner, in the family comedy series Family Matters (1989).

He was also a cast member on the CBS series The Royal Family, starring Redd Foxx and Della Reese, which ended prematurely after Redd Foxx died.

In the video game 187 Ride or Die, Tate voices the main character, Buck.

Following numerous small-screen roles, offers began pouring in for Tate, and in late 1992, collaborative filmmaking siblings Albert and Allen Hughes approached him to star in their debut feature Menace II Society.

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His other movies Waist Deep, Love Zone, A Man Apart, Rush, Game of Silence are some of his top-ranked movies.Thinking about a secure relationship with the wife he didn’t have any past relationship before his marriage.Tate is married to Tomasina Parrott on November 30, 2006.Tate and Parrott are happily married couples sharing a cheerful relationship with their 3 children Miles Xavier Tate, Zander Tate and Zion Tate.Larenz Tate is an American movie and television actor delivering his best roles and performances.

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